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Four Things to Do in Imperia

Italy is more than just Rome, Venice and Pisa. Although all of these places are certainly worth a visit when you go to Italy, there are more to Italy than just that. Italy has a lot of hidden little treasures that only the well-seasoned traveler knows.So, let me take you from the crowded ( and overpriced) streets of Rome to Imperia and transform you from being a tourist to a traveler.

Understandably your first thoughts would be Imperia where? Don’t worry, I thought the same five years ago. Imperia is part of the famous Riviera dei Fiori a.k.a the Italian Riviera. It’s located roughly North East of Italy. And for those who are map impaired like me, it’s a little on the left of the Italian boot. It’s famous for its olives and olive oil.

So, now that you know where it is and what it’s famous for, the next question is what’s to do in a little city like Imperia? Well, while its certainly smaller compared to Rome, it’s packed with things to do . So, I’m sure that you’ll find something that will tickle your fancy.

Attraction Number 1 in Imperia: The Beaches

Imperia is literally one big beach. Everywhere you look, there’s a beach – whether you like sandy or rocky beaches, it has it all. With all the beaches to choose from, I personally like Koko Beach, Oneglia Beach, and Borgo Prino.

But, If the beaches found in Imperia is not enough for you, you can always beach hop to Diana Marina or to San Stefano al Mare. Both are literally a five-minute train ride away.Or if you are a cycling enthusiast, you can bike to these places.

Attraction Number 2 in Imperia: The Olive Museum

Imperia is famous for its olives and olive oil. There are literally olive trees everywhere you look, so a visit to the Olive Museum is a must. Entrance is free, and after you’re done you can pop over to the Olio Carli store which is literally next door to the museum if you want a fancy olive oil souvenir.

Attraction Number 3 in Imperia: Historic Porto Maurizio

Old Porto Maurizio is a historic port city with medieval style houses and cathedrals .It’s also home to a lot of really good restaurants. If you’re a history buff and a lover of medieval buildings , this place is worth the visit.

Attraction Number 4 in Imperia: Grock Villa

The Grock Villa once belonged to the famous clown Grock. But it’s now been converted into a museum of sorts. The architecture of the sprawling mansion is worth a visit, and if you are there in the summer, check out the schedule as they often hold concerts inside the sprawling grounds.

If all else fails, you can always hop on the train and explore the other neighboring towns. Literally, everything is just a train ride away from Imperia!

The next time you decide to visit Italy, try to come out of your comfort zone and explore the lesser known cities, but nevertheless equally as beautiful as the more famous tourist destinations.

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