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Tips on Choosing the Best Fruits

We've all been in the situation where you thought that you've chosen the best fruit there is, only to find out when you get home that it tastes like day old socks, or looks like it has been secretly in the fight club with all the bruises that it has inside. So, really, how do you choose the best produce in your local supermarket or favorite corner store. Well, depending on which fruit you want to buy, here are some tips for you to consider the next time you go produce shopping:

Apples: Choose apples that are naturally firm, shiny and heavy for its size.

Bananas: If you want to eat it right away, choose the yellow ones, or if you are planning to ripen them at home, get the green ones. Don't buy bananas that are obviously bruised or damaged in any way.

Blueberries: Choose blueberries that are firm and dry. Choose the blue ones, not the red or green. or A white sheen is natural. Also check the bottom of the basket to make sure there aren't any crushed or spoiled berries.

Cherries: Choose cherries that are darker in color, are plump. If at all possible, choose the ones that have stems because they store longer.

Kiwi: Choose the ones that are a bit soft when pressed. Avoid the ones that are rock hard or are already too soft when touched.

Strawberries: Smell them and choose the ones that are fragrant and are uniformly red. When buying strawberries that are already packed, check to make sure that there aren't any crushed fruit at the bottom.

Watermelons: A good watermelon should sound hollow when you thump on it ( knock on it -slowly). If the watermelon is ripened properly, it should have a yellow spot on the side where it sat on the ground to ripen.

Do you have any other tips on how to choose the best fruits? Share it with us on the comments below!

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